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The finest Australian made jewellery

Welcome to Jewels of the Kimberley, unique Australian fine jewellery featuring natural fancy coloured diamonds, including the coveted pink diamonds from the Argyle Diamond Mine, South Sea pearls and Australian opals, hand crafted within our established Broome studio, Western Australia.

Our internationally acclaimed jewellers

Since first opening the doors in 2005, our head designer and creative director Jodi Penfold has utilised her world-class training and eye for detail to create distinctive designs for customers hailing from every corner of the globe. Each jewellery piece is hand crafted by Jodi and her award-winning team of jewellers; from Australian pink diamond rings to statement masterpieces.Our pearl, opal and diamond jewellery designs reflect the distinctive colours and raw beauty of Australia’s outback and waterways.

The grand elegance of Australian pink diamonds

Australia’s rugged landscapes have unearthed astonishing diamonds that have formed over millions of years. Of all these natural Australian coloured diamonds, pink diamonds from the Argyle Diamond Mine are the rarest of all. It’s a mystery as to how these diamonds acquire their rosy colours deep in the Kimberley earth, but a mysterious twist of atoms has resulted in an extraordinary range of romantic hues. The most vivid have become sought-after investment diamonds, with their average investment growth of 15% set to rise even higher with the forthcoming closure of the Argyle mine in 2021.

This same mine uncovers stunning natural blue diamonds as well as a myriad of yellow and champagne diamonds. Our award-winning jewellers set a hand-chosen selection of Kimberley diamonds in  pink, blue, yellow and champagne colours into bespoke jewellery pieces and diamond engagement rings,inspired by the Kimberley landscape they originate from. Our collections also feature Earth diamonds, or salt and pepper diamonds, with their rustic appearance reminiscent of the night sky.

Flawless South Sea pearls

The tropical ocean of Australia’s northwest brings another natural gift in the form of lustrous South Sea pearls. The pearls gathered in the warm waters near Broome grow to the largest size known to man, and their magnificent lustre is unmatched the world over. We showcase the finest Australian Broome pearls in unique contemporary designs that allow their true characteristics to shine. From a graceful set of diamond and pearl earringsto a timeless pearl necklace, our jewellery pieces are modern, fresh and – above all – designed to honour the pearl’s inherent beauty. This commitment to quality and characteris what makes our pearl jewellery so distinctive, and is the reason we provide the best place to buy pearls in Broome, Perth and across Australia.

Australian opal – the worlds most mysterious gem

Far further inland, exquisite opals are discovered by the determined few. Australian opals reveal astonishing depths and dance with the vivid colours of essential elements. Fire, water and life flash through these ever-shifting and enigmatic gemstones, particularly when set in place alongside sparkling white diamonds and fine gold.

Custom jewellery designs featuring Kimberley diamonds, pearls and opals

You deserve fine jewellery that complements your unique personality and style. If you are looking for something truly one-of-a-kind, we can create a bespoke piece by browsing our curated stock of diamonds to create your dream piece. Take a seat with our in-house gemmologist and select from our certified diamond collection including Argyle pink and blue diamonds, or choose a South Sea pearl for a perfect pearl ring complete with a certificate authenticating its colour, lustre and origin. We design with a focus on contemporary and understated aesthetics to ensure your jewellery will continue to look effortlessly elegant now and for future generations.

Your tailored showroom experience

You can expect a personalised experience with every visit to Jewels of the Kimberley. With our intimate knowledge of the world’s most treasured gemstones, we can provide expert advice on pink investment diamonds and help you to obtain the best possible price when the time comes to sell your asset. If you have a vision for your next piece of handmade jewellery, we can bring this to reality with care and attention. If you wish to simply browse our spectacular collection of Australian jewellery, we’ll be delighted to greet you in our Broome showroom. Our team now offers all of our stunning diamond and pearl jewellery online, so you can find an exceptional piece no matter where you are in the world.

We invite you to explore our collection of Australian diamonds, opal and pearl jewellery, and to call or visit our experienced designers today.