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Welcome to the online showroom of Jewels of the Kimberley, where you will find an exceptional collection of pearl jewellery lovingly designed and crafted within our established studio in Broome, Western Australia.

We specialise in contemporary settings for locally sourced pearls, diamonds and precious stones; Australian pearl jewellery designs that will look effortlessly elegant now and for future generations.

Since first opening the doors in 2005, our head designer and creative director Jodi Penfold has utilised her world-class training and natural eye for detail to create distinctive designs for customers hailing from every corner of the globe. Our skilled team now offers a special selection of our stunning pearl jewellery online, so you can find an exceptional piece no matter where you are in the world.


why pearls from broome?

The extraordinary Kimberley region, one of the most unique in the world, is fittingly home to some of the planet’s rarest and most magnificent pearls, diamonds and precious gemstones. South Sea pearls from Broome grow to the largest size known to man, and exhibit a lustre that is highly desirable. It is for this reason we showcase Broome pearls in jewellery designs that will enhance their unique characteristics. It takes local knowledge, careful consideration and a sophisticated aesthetic to allow each pearl to truly shine. This is what makes our Australian pearl jewellery so distinctive, and is the reason we exhibit our pearl jewellery in Perth and across Australia.

Jewels of the Kimberley offers the best Broome pearls online and at our studio. Our pearls are carefully hand-selected according to the five virtues, and each comes with a certificate authenticating its colour, lustre and origin. Whether you are purchasing our Broome pearls online or in our studio, you can be sure that you are receiving pearls of a premium quality.

The famous kimberley diamond

The Kimberley region also produces the world-renowned Argyle pink diamond. Revered and romantic, pink diamonds are breathtaking whether set next to sparkling white diamonds, luminous pearls or a simple gold band. We specialise in distinctive yet timeless jewellery designs incorporating pink diamonds, as well as mesmerising blue, yellow and champagne diamonds. Our diamond jewellery designs are inspired by and reflect the rugged landscapes, natural colours and raw beauty of the Australian outback.

Broome Pearl Jewellery – One of the Most Unique Australian Pearl Jewellers

Jewels of the Kimberley has the experience and the craftsmanship to provide the perfect design for you, whether you’re looking for simple yet stunning jewellery to wear every day, a timeless pearl engagement ring, or a statement piece that will instantly transform an outfit. We truly believe you will find some of the most beautiful pearl jewellery in Australia at Jewels of the Kimberley.

Diamond Jewellers Creating Exquisite Australian Broome Pearls Online

Jewels of the Kimberley designs diamond and Broome pearl jewellery that complements the unique personality and style of the person wearing it. If you are looking for something truly one-of-a-kind, we can set your own diamonds and Broome pearls into jewellery with a custom design, or you can choose the perfect gemstones from our hand selected stock to create your dream piece. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to buy diamond and pearl jewellery from Perth or elsewhere across the country. There is simply no better place to purchase diamond and pearl jewellery in Australia.

We invite you to explore our collection of diamond and pearl jewellery online, or call or visit our studio to discuss a custom design with our experienced team.