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Top Proposal Ideas From Around The World

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The sight of a man (or woman) bent on one knee with a tiny box in hand has become an overwhelmingly tangible symbol of the marriage proposal, especially in Western countries.

But in the age of social media and celebrity proposals, the art of presenting an engagement ring is becoming increasingly unique, bubbly and even at times outrageous, with people employing all kinds of tactics to show the ultimate commitment to their sweetheart.

From flash mobs to holidays to proposals while sky-diving, getting engaged has never been so involved. If you’re looking for a unique or quirky way to propose, check out some of these top proposal ideas from around the world.

Flash mobs

Flash mobs seem to be popping up for all kinds of reasons throughout Asia and the United States, with engagements the latest craze requiring the efforts of this seemingly ‘random’ gathering of people. Usually popping up at a place of significance for the couple, the flash mob will either dance or sing as part of the proposal, creating a truly unique memory of getting engaged.

A holiday romance

With so many Australians headed to their favourite holiday destinations in South-East Asia, including Bali and Thailand, scenic island proposals are becoming incredibly popular. There are many possibilities for where to set your big moment – a secluded beach, a sailboat, or at a traditional waterfront restaurant as the sun goes down. They all make for a romantic evening to pop the question. Alternatively, how about a romantic dinner under the stars at Western Australia’s Eco Beach Resort in which to ask for your partner’s hand, or overlooking a magical crimson sunset on Broome’s iconic Cable Beach?

Presenting a family heirloom

The act of bestowing an engagement ring is an age old tradition, which is still popular today. The original custom was to propose using a family heirloom, passed down from generations; If you are considering designing a vintage engagement ring, similar to one that belonged to one of the couple’s mothers or grandmothers, our experienced team at Jewels of the Kimberley can work with you in recreating the perfect piece. This bespoke piece of jewellery is guaranteed to hold a special place in your lives and symbolise a wonderful union between the two of you and your families.

Public proposals

If you and your partner enjoy being the centre of attention, or simply wish to include family and friend in this special moment, a public show of affection might be the perfect setting to showcase your love and commitment. This can include during a family gathering, or while among friends. If you are big sports fans, it may be worth asking your local stadium to get in on the act during the half-time break. If it’s not possible, there’s always dinner after the big game.

Sydney Scavenger hunt

What better way to declare your love than sending your partner off on a 200km scavenger hunt around Sydney in order to propose marriage? That’s exactly what one romantic did, and it took him three years to plan and a customised iPhone app to pull off the great feat. It’s an extreme way to show your commitment, but you can plan something just as romantic and in a smaller area of space to work with – possibly ending with dinner and an engagement ring at Sydney Harbour, or anywhere you choose in the world.

You don’t have to travel the globe to find a unique proposal idea or the perfect engagement ring –whether you’re in Parramatta, Port Philip or Perth, Jewels of the Kimberley specialise in creating timeless, unique centrepieces for your perfect marriage proposal. Our engagement rings will add sparkle to your lives and create a stunning symbol of your love and commitment.