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The Latest Trend: Pearl Engagement Ring For The Modern Bride

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If you’re looking for engagement rings in Perth, Sydney or Melbourne you might be asking what’s greater than diamond engagement rings. The answer? A pearl engagement ring adorned with diamonds.


Pearl jewellery has always been regarded as classy and timeless. For most brides, it’s a piece that needs to be worn on their wedding day, whether in the form of a bracelet, necklace or a pair of earrings, to put an elegant touch to their overall look. But now, the pearl is found even on the ring, and what was known as the ‘Queen of the Gems’ is taking centre stage again. This has now become one of the latest engagement ring trends for modern brides.

What it Symbolises



A pearl symbolises purity, humility and harmony. For ancient Greeks, it also has a romantic connotation as it is associated with love. This makes it the perfect ring to give to your bride-to-be as it symbolises the characteristics that both of you as a couple must possess to help in your journey as husband and wife. And as pearls are timeless pieces, they also symbolise your goal of spending your life together, with your love becoming even more beautiful as time goes by.

A Modern Take on The Ring


While traditional and popular engagement rings either have only the diamond or only the pearl, nowadays most modern brides wear rings that mix these two together. South Sea pearls with pink hues matched with Argyle pink diamonds; a halo of brilliant white diamonds surrounding a perfect pearl; or Australian south sea pearls with a modern spin on a classic three stone style – these are only some of the many beautiful modern takes on The Ring. If you have a specific style you want to give to the future bride, our jewellery designers can also make a bespoke piece especially for her.


One thing’s for sure, whatever the design may be, it will be an elegant contemporary piece that will stand the test of time.

With engagement ring trends popping up everywhere and popular engagement rings on display in jewellery stores, the pearl ring is the one to keep your eyes on. Give your future bride a great gift to commemorate the start of your life together with a truly unique ring she will cherish forever.