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Angie Pink Diamond Ring

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A brilliant white diamond from the Ellendale Diamond Mine and Argyle Pink Diamonds are the feature in this design. Here you know this piece is uniquely from the Kimberley having sourced the diamond from the region, as well as our own Jewellers manufacturing it in our onsite workshop.

Argyle diamonds are in limited supply due to the closure of the mine this year, so why not get yours and make it a truely unique piece.

Crafted in 18ct White Gold


1 = 0.51ct Round Brilliant Cut K colour VS1 clarity

GIA and Ellendale Certified, Laser Inscribed 5176772037

2 = 0.023ct Round Brilliant Cut Argyle Pink Diamonds, 2PP colour Si clarity

10 = 0.35ct Round Brilliant Cut D-F colour Si clarity

Dimensions: Total width at the top is 5.4mm. The band tapers from 2mm at the top to 2.5mm at the back

Diamonds are graded according to the following qualities:

  • Cut: With an expert cut, light can reflect within the gemstone causing it to sparkle and scintillate. Most of our diamonds are graded ‘excellent’.
  • Colour: White diamonds are graded from D (colourless) through to Z (light yellow), with D the best grade. Coloured diamonds, however, are graded and valued for their colour intensity.
  • Clarity: Almost every diamond contains microscopic pieces of non-crystallised carbon known as inclusions. The clarity of a diamond is graded by the size, nature, location, and number of these inclusions.
  • Carat: The weight of a diamond. One carat weighs 0.2 grams, with each carat divisible by 100 points.

Some diamonds are provided with certification of their origin and grade. You can be assured Jewels of the Kimberley sources only diamonds of excellent cut and quality, and all of our diamonds are guaranteed to be sourced ethically.

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