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Diamonds In Every Colour Of The Rainbow!

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Rainbows are one of nature’s most beautiful wonders and natural creations. They are formed when two elements of nature, sunlight and rain, meet.

The same goes with natural coloured diamonds. Another magnificent masterpiece of nature, they are formed when two products of nature combine, a diamond and a foreign particle. The results are gorgeous crystals, like pink Argyle diamonds, that are teeming with magnificence and magical spectral colours.


These are basically strong and deeply coloured pink diamonds. The colour is formed as heat and pressure cause a distortion of the crystal lattice that allows it to absorb green light. While pink ones are tremendously valuable, reds are even more so as they are extremely rare. Majority of Perth diamond jewellers and other jewellers and dealers around the world haven’t even seen one. Only a handful of them are said to be produced all throughout the world every year.


The presence of nitrogen and the specific way they are grouped together gives an orange diamond its colour. They too are very rare and only a number have been seen to date. There are two places known to produce these, Australia and Africa.


Out of all the natural coloured diamonds in the world, yellow account for 60% of them. Because of this they are the most widely known out of all the colours. Like the orange, it too attributes its colour formation to nitrogen, but in the case of yellow these are grouped in a different way.


When diamonds lie near radioactive rocks their carbon atoms are displaced from their normal positions and because of this they form a green colour. Majority of these are found in some regions of Africa and South America.


The Hope Diamond, the most famous diamond in the world has a natural blue colour. This unique hue was formed due to the presence of boron. While majority of these are found in Australia and South Africa, the Argyle mine of Western Australia is the only source of the stunning smoky or dusty blue diamonds in the world.


Considered as part of the purple diamond family, this is said to have a colour formation the same as with pink diamonds. Majority of these also come from the Argyle mine in Australia. Pure violet-coloured stones are only 10% of the total number, with many having a grey component.

As if diamonds aren’t enough for us to marvel over, nature produced more beautiful stones by adding other elements to create a beautiful palette of colours. These different hues make the stones more striking and more precious, and these can be pieces anyone can keep and treasure, together with their gold and pearl necklaces, for generations.