DESIGN FEATURE - The All New Boab - Jewels of the Kimberley



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The boab tree is considered the ‘tree of life’ due to its ability to survive in harsh climates and areas where there is no water available throughout the entire dry season…

Our newest representation of the famous boab features a matte trunk symbolic of the rugged texture of these trees. Glistening in its branches are bezel set diamonds where boab nuts would be found.

An Argyle pink diamond is balanced in the centre, 18ct rose gold framing this rare and exquisite gem. Even more special now that the Argyle mine has closed.

The boab pendant in rose gold is a reflection of the red earth from the great Kimberley region, the only location in Australia where the boab tree is found.

In the boab’s branches rest more of the Kimberley’s treasures, three natural champagne diamonds, their warming colour captured perfectly within a rose gold bezel.

Sitting flat against your chest, this pendant windows your skin through the curves of the trunk and branches.


The boab pendant in yellow gold echos the richness and depth of the Kimberley region, the warm tones are a memoir of a vast rich landscape once scattered with great quantities of this metal, times only a boab tree could tell of.


Why not customise and create your own? Choose your own pink diamond, combine different colour metals and create your own unique memento of the vast and beautiful Kimberley region.