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Exploring Alluvial & Pink Diamonds – Our Collections

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Alluvial Diamonds – Nature’s Most Unique Gift

Alluvial Diamonds Australia

Alluvial Diamonds by definition are rough diamond crystals that over millions of years have been naturally eroded from their original formation (inside Kimberlite rock) and dispersed over thousands of kilometres through rivers and streams. The Kimberley region of Western Australia hosts many of these ancient deposits, many of which still remain undiscovered. The Kimberley mesmerises visitors with the pristine nature of its vast ochre landscape of rocky gorges, cascading waterfalls, deserts and abundant native flora. It is here, in this hauntingly remote vista, where Mother Nature harbours her ultimate treasures – diamonds.

The stunning colours, textures, landmarks and wildlife of the wild and beautiful Kimberley provide never-ending design inspiration for our Jewellers. The rich elements from the earth and sea, which are truly unique to the Kimberley, combine to create our contemporary range.

Our Kimberley Collection and Alluvial Collection are the perfect choice for those seeking a rare piece of jewellery hand-crafted to perfection. These pieces celebrate the Kimberley and are the perfect keepsake for someone who appreciates the unique, exceptional and exquisite.


Argyle Pink Diamonds – Australia’s Most Vivid Creation

Our world-class jewellery designers are extremely passionate about all of their creations, each is handmade with precision by our highly skilled jewellers in our Broome studio. Jodi Penfold, qualified Gemmologist, lead designer and master jewellery has selected perfect Argyle pink diamonds to be part of her breathtakingly unique creations, from engagement rings, dazzling diamond earrings, to unique breath-taking pendants. The design and inspiration for each piece comes from living and being part of the Kimberley where these incredible diamonds originate. Explore our collection and see why the pink Argyle diamond is so rare and exclusive as we capture its beauty in wearable style.


Jewels of the Kimberley -Immerse yourself in the unique

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JEWELS OF THE KIMBERLEY have been based on Dampier Terrace in Broome since 2005. With a wall of accolades and highly skilled master jewellers, the possibilities are endless when it comes to our unique designs and manufacturing capabilities.

The jewellery trade is one of the world’s oldest professions and some parts of the trade have still never changed. Our workshop which is part of our showroom is open for our guests and clients to view the master jewellers working on some of Broome’s highest quality bespoke pieces. We would love to offer you an intimate and educational tour by appointment only, while you are here in Broome. Continue reading “Jewels of the Kimberley -Immerse yourself in the unique”

Beauty Rich and Rare – Magazine Feature

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(As featured in Signature Luxury Travel & Style Magazine)

The natural bounty of Western Australia’s vast wilderness is a source of inspiration for the Broome-based designers of Jewels of the Kimberley.

With rust-red canyons, turquoise seas, and waterfalls that seem to defy physics, the Kimberley region is a vast and remote wilderness. It is a land that has created the world’s most desired gems, including colourful diamonds, over millions of years. Continue reading “Beauty Rich and Rare – Magazine Feature”