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JEWELS OF THE KIMBERLEY have been based on Dampier Terrace in Broome since 2005. With a wall of accolades and highly skilled master jewellers, the possibilities are endless when it comes to our unique designs and manufacturing capabilities.

The jewellery trade is one of the world’s oldest professions and some parts of the trade have still never changed. Our workshop which is part of our showroom is open for our guests and clients to view the master jewellers working on some of Broome’s highest quality bespoke pieces. We would love to offer you an intimate and educational tour by appointment only, while you are here in Broome.

At Jewels of the Kimberley we take special pride not only on our amazing designs and craftsmanship, but our ability to select the highest quality Gems found throughout the Kimberley. When it comes to South Sea pearls and Australian diamonds we can assure you that our in-house qualified gemologist has inspected every piece before they are purchased.

If you’re looking for a special piece, why not engage our designers to create an unforgettable piece that’s tailor-made for yourself or a loved one. We have an amazing range of loose diamonds and pearls in our studio for sale, or perhaps you have acquired gold or loose diamonds and are looking for someone to incorporate them into a treasured one-off piece. Our designers are adept at honouring and showcasing these beautiful materials with sophisticated and minimal design, inspired by the very region they may have been formed in.

Jewels of the Kimberley has Broome’s largest range of natural coloured diamonds including the exclusive beyond rare Argyle pink diamond. Pink diamonds have shown a steady increase of 15% or higher annually and with the Argyle Mine’s anticipated closure as soon as 2020, we expect to see a significant rise in value. For more information on this lucrative investment opportunity please contact our showroom today before it is too late.