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The boab tree is considered the ‘tree of life’ due to its ability to survive in harsh climates and areas where there is no water available throughout the entire dry season…

Our newest representation of the famous boab features a matte trunk symbolic of the rugged texture of these trees. Glistening in its branches are bezel set diamonds where boab nuts would be found.

An Argyle pink diamond is balanced in the centre, 18ct rose gold framing this rare and exquisite gem. Even more special now that the Argyle mine has closed.

The boab pendant in rose gold is a reflection of the red earth from the great Kimberley region, the only location in Australia where the boab tree is found.

In the boab’s branches rest more of the Kimberley’s treasures, three natural champagne diamonds, their warming colour captured perfectly within a rose gold bezel.

Sitting flat against your chest, this pendant windows your skin through the curves of the trunk and branches.


The boab pendant in yellow gold echos the richness and depth of the Kimberley region, the warm tones are a memoir of a vast rich landscape once scattered with great quantities of this metal, times only a boab tree could tell of.


Why not customise and create your own? Choose your own pink diamond, combine different colour metals and create your own unique memento of the vast and beautiful Kimberley region.

NEW – Australiana Collection

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Immerse yourself in Australia’s most mysterious and alluring gem, the Opal

Our Australiana Collection is inspired by the Australian way of life. As many Australians gravitate towards the sea, with the majority residing around the border of our continent, it is no secret that we love the deep blue and what it has to offer.

Capturing aerial photography scenes from around our country, of deep oceans to shallow coral reefs is what won Jodi’s attention and vision to create this unique collection.

“The depth and mystery of these gems pulls you in, that something so thin can look so deep is a phenomenon to behold. Enjoy viewing the collection.” – Jodi Penfold, Creative Director




Opal is one of only few types of precious gemstones found in Australia, sharing prestigious company with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and pearls.

With still only little knowledge on how they are formed and over 95% of the world’s opal coming from Australia, it shows their unique rarity and desire to be admired.

Jodi has designed unique pieces using boulder opal sourced only from central Queensland and paired with Broome’s beautiful South Sea pearls to create the “Australiana Collection”

Each unique design has been inspired by Australia’s famous coastlines including Coral Bay, Fraser Island, Ningaloo Reef and the majestic Whitsundays. Each and every opal is so unique; no two pieces are the same.


Earth diamonds are shaking up proposals and traditional engagement ring style

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While there’s no competing with the timeless beauty of a classic round brilliant diamond solitaire engagement ring, another stone has been creeping into the bridal marketplace. Rough-cut, and wildly flawed, Earth diamonds (or salt and pepper diamonds) are gaining a following among brides-to-be who want something unusual and very cool. And for those hoping to receive an alternative engagement ring? This is the centre stone they imagine, even if they don’t yet know it by name.

The appeal of these unique diamonds, which tend to be a silvery grey and speckled with visible white and black inclusions, might be lost on consumers who live and die by the Four Cs, but that’s kind of the point. “Our clients who choose Earth diamonds appreciate the raw flaws in the stone because they reveal its natural origins, they’re looking for an undercover stone, something one-of-a-kind that also offers the durability and ‘foreverness’ of a traditional diamond.”

Earth Diamond and Argyle Pink Diamond Ring in Rose Gold

Aesthetics aside, Earth diamonds are also inherently sustainable, a selling point that resonates with eco-conscious millennial consumers. As Jodi explains, “The use of irregular speckled and veined diamonds and diamond slices creates a lot less waste of precious resources. As a result, we’re seeing a design wave of definitively unique jewellery and engagement rings that, by nature, cannot be mass-produced.”

Earth diamonds or salt and pepper diamonds are mostly white, grey or black with ‘salt and pepper’ like flecks. Add to this the sparkling facets of the rose cut shape and you have a truly unique gemstone, reminiscent of a clear night sky. “I first started designing with Earth Diamonds two years ago. I think they are so hypnotic and distinctive and I love how each one is totally unique from the next, with tiny little galaxies trapped inside the diamond. Mother Nature really is amazing.”




The rose cut diamond, so named because the facets are intended to look like an opening rose bud, have a flat bottom with a domed top, which allows for a lower profile than a standard brilliant cut diamond with a deeper culet.

Rose cut diamonds are also hand cut, ensuring that no two are exactly alike. Coupled with the fact that they are natural, non-enhanced and feature unique inclusions that give the diamond its own colour and character, it’s easy to see why people favour this unique cut.

Carbon Earth Diamond Rings

Here at Jewels of the Kimberley, we guarantee every diamond from our Earth Diamond Collection to be of natural colour and clarity and true to its grading. These diamonds have been ethically sourced and have not been artificially enhanced or treated in any way.

Our qualified in-house Gemmologist personally selects all of our diamonds and strictly follows the international grading standard developed by the GIA (Gemmological Institute of America). Each stone is unique with different characteristics, some with translucency, others more opaque. Most feature a distinctive salt and pepper matrix and are as they appear when first discovered in the Earth.

We hope these diamonds bring generations of happiness to their recipients. You may wear them with the confidence that they are among the world’s most unique gemstones.

Earth Diamond Rings and Earrings in White Gold Neon

An Artist’s Flair, an Engineer’s Precision

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Creating timeless jewellery is an art form.

We speak with Jewels of the Kimberley director, Jodi Penfold, about intricate techniques, pearl farming and why she loves diamonds.


Jodi Penfold remembers the first piece of jewellery she designed, a pendant for her best friend’s birthday. “I didn’t have much money back then, so I made it from titanium and silver,” she recalls. “It was simple and modern. Geometric lines. She still wears it now.”

It’s a fond memory, even if that pendant is now one piece in the thousands Jodi has created as designer, creator and director of her Broome-based business, Jewels of the Kimberley.

It’s a fitting name. When asked what inspires her most, Jodi replies instantly, “My surroundings. The Kimberley region, with its vast landscapes, intense colours and textures, is an endless source of inspiration … We are so lucky to have the world’s rarest and highest quality diamonds, the world’s best pearls and a soil rich in gold right on our doorstep. It takes ‘locally made’ to an entirely new level.”

Hands-on expertise

Jodi took a practical route into jewellery design. As a third-year apprentice, she started her own business, signing a “handshake contract” with an elderly travelling salesman of Cook Island black pearls and Australian sapphires. In those pre-YouTube days, she researched skills in books in order to create the designs, fuelling a desire to learn as much about the craft and its techniques as possible. This motivation saw her jumping on a flight to Broome to take her experience from the page to real life, grading pearls.

“I have fond memories of just how raw pearl farming can be,” she says, going on to recount the incongruity of “wading waist-deep in a crocodile-infested creek” while holding three million dollars’ worth of pearls in her hands.

Following her pearl adventures, Jodi went on to study gemmology, which she says has been instrumental in learning about care of gemstones and “being able to confidently push them to their limit in both design and manufacture”.


Diamond doyenne

Over the years, Jodi has developed a particularly fondness for Australian diamonds, although she admits to thinking that white diamonds were “a bit boring” before the Kimberley showed her the “rainbow of hues diamonds have to offer … from the rarest pinks to fiery oranges and rich, deep greens”.

“I love the hardness of diamonds,” she explains. “As a diamond-setter, I can literally hit them with a hammer; as a jeweller I can heat them until they glow red-hot to fuse metals together to form designs. I would never dream of using these techniques on any other gem.”

Her passion for the gemstone led her to an exclusive diamond-setting school in Antwerp, under the tuition of a fastidious, unsmiling Russian.

“Over 200 students audition each year to attend and only 10 are chosen to attend … I enjoyed the fact that near enough is not good enough.”

The late nights and weekend practice was all worth it in the end, she confirms: “I completed my course at the top of my class, and even managed to make my teacher smile!”

As her skillset expands, there is one thing that is unchanging: “To me, jewellery must be timeless, a piece that can be passed from old to young and still be in style.“

That doesn’t mean she’s impervious to trends, though. She expresses a fascination for rustic or Earth diamonds, particularly popular with modern brides.

“Each one so unique with different characteristics, some with translucency, others more opaque,” she explains.
“Most feature a distinctive salt-and-pepper matrix … reminiscent of staring into a starry night sky.” She also points out that you can get them for a “fraction of the cost” of their refined counterparts.

Jodi’s passion for honing her skills has now come full circle as she trains her own apprentice. It hasn’t always been easy to find a mentor, but 20 years into her career, she can honestly say that it was worth “sticking out the hard times” to be able to work so closely with the inimitable Australian jewels of the remote region she calls home.


You can read this article inside Signature Luxury Travel and Style Magazine, Current Edition – 2018


Young Australian Apprentice Reaching New Heights

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As featured in Jewellery World Magazine, October 2016


Aspiring, prodigious jewellery apprentice Hannah Alexander is making her mark in the jewellery world at a young age, chosen to represent Western Australia in the National Worldskills Competition in October 2016.

The 19 year old won the honour of a Worldskills national selection off the back of an impressive performance in the state/ regional competition and she will represent Worldskills WA in the national competition alongside one other young WA jeweller, competing for gold and the chance for an invitation to the international Worldskills in Abu Dhabi in October 2017. Continue reading “Young Australian Apprentice Reaching New Heights”

What Our Jewellers Association of Australia Accreditation Means for You

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_DSC1146 copy

We’re delighted to announce that Jewels of the Kimberley has recently achieved accreditation with the Jewellers Association of Australia. This national body covers every facet of the jewellery industry, including manufacturing, wholesaling, distribution and retail, and acknowledges the top jewellers and retailers in the country through a strict accreditation process. Continue reading “What Our Jewellers Association of Australia Accreditation Means for You”

Magazine Feature – Jewellery World

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Soaring to New Heights

Director and Master Jeweller Jodi Penfold takes off to Europe as one of only three Australians to be invited to study at a world renowned diamond setting school

(As featured in Jewellery World Magazine)


Fact: Diamonds are rare, precious and coveted the world over. Here’s another, lesser-known fact: the skill of diamond setting, specifically pave and micro pave settings is so rare that only two Australian women have ever been accepted into the prestigious Alexandre school for optical diamond setting – a school that is not only a world-leader for teaching these very specific techniques but requires prospective students to complete a one week audition and exam to be accepted.

Only ten percent of students who apply are accepted into the course. Jodi Penfold is one of the chosen ones: a jeweller, an Aussie and a woman who is now amongst the exclusive few to hold the certification as rare as the diamonds themselves. Continue reading “Magazine Feature – Jewellery World”

Top Proposal Ideas From Around The World

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The sight of a man (or woman) bent on one knee with a tiny box in hand has become an overwhelmingly tangible symbol of the marriage proposal, especially in Western countries.

But in the age of social media and celebrity proposals, the art of presenting an engagement ring is becoming increasingly unique, bubbly and even at times outrageous, with people employing all kinds of tactics to show the ultimate commitment to their sweetheart.

From flash mobs to holidays to proposals while sky-diving, getting engaged has never been so involved. If you’re looking for a unique or quirky way to propose, check out some of these top proposal ideas from around the world. Continue reading “Top Proposal Ideas From Around The World”

Knowing Your Birthstones

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Knowing More About Your Precious Birthstone

Using your very own precious birthstone in your jewellery is a lovely idea, and adds an extra layer of symbolism to sentimental pieces. Throughout history, birthstones have been surrounded by myths and legends about the special powers they have, from protection to therapeutic benefits.

Each birthstone has a specific meaning. Read on to find out what yours is, and choose to enhance your next ring, necklace, pendant or pair of earrings with a stone of significance. Continue reading “Knowing Your Birthstones”

A Practical Guide To Buying The Perfect Engagement Ring

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A marriage proposal is a big moment for any couple, with a sparkling engagement ring as the focus of the special event. A ring is a symbol of your love and everlasting commitment to each other and should be as unique as the two of you.

Finding an exquisite piece to signify the promise you are about to make certainly sounds romantic, but it can be a real challenge, especially if you are unsure where to start. Whether you decide to pick out a ring or design a custom piece, Jewels of the Kimberley offer a modern and fresh approach to creating unique, timeless jewellery.

Here’s our practical guide to buying the right diamond engagement ring. Continue reading “A Practical Guide To Buying The Perfect Engagement Ring”

The Most Famous Diamonds in The World

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Diamonds and pearls truly are nature’s gifts, and whether you love pearl engagement rings or ones featuring the world-renowned Argyle pink diamonds best, it’s safe to say they’re both spectacular and worthy of their reputations. But there is something particularly special about diamonds.

Here’s a look at some of the most famous diamonds in the world. Continue reading “The Most Famous Diamonds in The World”

5 Times You Should Take Your Engagement Ring Off

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A diamond engagement ring should always be worn with pride as it’s a beautiful symbol of a couple’s love for each other.

This doesn’t mean though that you should never take it off.

There are times when it would be best not to wear your engagement ring and instead keep it in a safe place away not only from prying eyes, but also from chemicals or outside elements that may only cause damage to it.

Happy Woman Showing Engagement Ring After Proposal Continue reading “5 Times You Should Take Your Engagement Ring Off”

Jewellery And Dermatitis: Knowing The Real Reason Behind The Connection

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Self-expression, fashion, marking a special occasion, or commemorating an event – these are only some of the reasons why people wear jewellery like necklaces made of Broome pearls, diamond encrusted gold and silver bracelets, or pearl engagement rings.

There are many people who enjoy wearing jewellery every day for these various reasons. However there are some who don’t wear them as often as they would like because of the fear of getting jewellery allergy or dermatitis. Continue reading “Jewellery And Dermatitis: Knowing The Real Reason Behind The Connection”

Getting To Know The Pearl King Kokichi Mikimoto

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A pearl forms when a foreign object, such as a piece of grit, shell, bone, or even a microorganism, finds its way into a pearl-producing mollusc. Threatened by the uninvited guest, the mollusk secretes a defensive layer, known as nacre, around the intruder. Layers of nacre harden and build up around the object over time, producing one of the most unique gemstones in the world: the pearl.

Pearls formed naturally are extremely rare. In fact, approximately 1 in 1000 oysters in the wild will ever produce one. Given its rarity, pearls had become one of the most coveted treasures throughout history. Everyone believed that it would be impossible for the world to see more of its delicate beauty and adorn more women with precious pearl necklaces or pearl drop earrings—everyone except Kokichi Mikimoto. Continue reading “Getting To Know The Pearl King Kokichi Mikimoto”

The Latest Trend: Pearl Engagement Ring For The Modern Bride

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If you’re looking for engagement rings in Perth, Sydney or Melbourne you might be asking what’s greater than diamond engagement rings. The answer? A pearl engagement ring adorned with diamonds.


Pearl jewellery has always been regarded as classy and timeless. For most brides, it’s a piece that needs to be worn on their wedding day, whether in the form of a bracelet, necklace or a pair of earrings, to put an elegant touch to their overall look. But now, the pearl is found even on the ring, and what was known as the ‘Queen of the Gems’ is taking centre stage again. This has now become one of the latest engagement ring trends for modern brides. Continue reading “The Latest Trend: Pearl Engagement Ring For The Modern Bride”

Diamonds In Every Colour Of The Rainbow!

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Rainbows are one of nature’s most beautiful wonders and natural creations. They are formed when two elements of nature, sunlight and rain, meet.

The same goes with natural coloured diamonds. Another magnificent masterpiece of nature, they are formed when two products of nature combine, a diamond and a foreign particle. The results are gorgeous crystals, like pink Argyle diamonds, that are teeming with magnificence and magical spectral colours.

Continue reading “Diamonds In Every Colour Of The Rainbow!”

How To Wear And Store Your Precious Jewels

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Jewellery is timeless.

You can wear them for a long time. You can even pass them on to succeeding generations and turn them into a family heirloom that will be a treasure for decades and even centuries to come.

But all these can only be possible if you know how to take care of your precious stones, whether these are Argyle diamonds or Australian pearls.

So how do you do this? You need to know how to wear and store them properly.

close up of beautiful woman wearing shiny diamond earrings Continue reading “How To Wear And Store Your Precious Jewels”

What Kind of Pearl is This? Insight into the Different Kinds of Pearls

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‘Pearls are always appropriate.’

– Jackie Kennedy

Pearls are one of, if not the most versatile pieces of jewellery you could ever own. You can wear them anywhere, anytime and with just about anything, from a simple blouse to an extravagant ball gown. They are classic pieces of jewellery that exude elegance and beauty no matter the occasion.

And just as there are different occasions where you can wear them, there are also various kinds that differ in shape, origin and value. Some are sourced locally, while others are sourced internationally and sold in Broome, Perth, Sydney and throughout Australia.

To give you an idea of what kind you currently have, or wish to have, here is an overview of the different types of pearls:

Jewels of the Kimberley Pearl Jewellery


Whether looking for pearl jewellery online or from a store, you will seldom find natural pieces. As most pearls nowadays are cultured, it’s very rare to come across truly natural ones. This is due to two factors. First, the possibility of these being produced naturally is very slim. In 10,000 oysters found in a natural environment, only one will produce a pearl that has the right size and shape deemed desirable, and it would take years for one to form naturally. Second, most of the natural pearls in the world have already been harvested, and most of the natural beds have been used up by over-harvesting in the past.

Despite these odds, it is still possible to get a hold of these elusive natural pearls. When you do come across one though, make sure it has an official gemological x-ray certificate, which proves its authenticity and indicates its quality.


These are produced in oceans by oysters. Among the different types, the South Sea Pearls are the largest, and consequently the most highly sought in the world, with sizes ranging from 9mm to 20mm. They grow inside the Pinctada Maxima, the largest pearl-producing oyster, and they come in different colours: silvery white, cream white and gold with hues of pink, green or blue. Aside from their size, they are considered as the most luxurious because of their thick nacre, satiny lustre, round shape and quality. This is why this type is among the favourites when it comes to using them in pearl and diamond rings. These types of pearls are produced in Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

The Tahitian or Black South Sea Pearl is another type. They are grown in the Pinctada Margaritifera, a black-lipped pearl oyster. Despite the name, these are not exclusively grown in Tahiti but are also produced in the other islands of French Polynesia. They range from 8mm to 16mm in size and come in grey, blue, purple or green.

Akoya Pearls are another type, which are produced by the Akoya or Pinctada Fucata. They are also known as the Mikimoto Pearls, named after the pioneering pearl farmer Kokichi Mikimoto. Famous in Japan, they are also grown in China, Southeast Asia and the Persian Gulf. They come in 6mm to 8mm sizes and are creamy white with pink overtones. They are most famous for their high lustre that gives off an almost mirror-like effect.


Grown in rivers, lakes and ponds by mussels, these are the least expensive out of the different types, but they are not the least desirable. Although these are rarely symmetrical and come in a baroque or semi-baroque shape, they are still very durable due to their solid nacre formation. Another great feature of these is that they display a strong orient. Since the 1990s, higher quality types have been produced that can compete with saltwater pearls.

Most freshwater pearls are produced in China, while a portion are produced in Japan and the United States. They come in natural colours of white, cream, pink, lavender or orange. Those that are of lower quality though, are dyed. If you find one in black or a chocolate shade, take note that this has undergone colour treatment and is not natural.


There is one kind that doesn’t fall under the three categories above, and these are the Keshi Pearls. These are natural bi-products of the Pinctada species. These are formed when an irritant comes across a previously cultured oyster yet they are produced the same way natural ones are produced. They have 100% nacre, come in baroque or unusual shapes and white, black or gold colours.

All these types of pearls are produced under different types of environments, but all of them can become a beautiful piece you can keep with you forever. From exquisite, rare natural pearls to less expensive mass-produced freshwater pearls, these can be classic accessories you can easily don to exude elegance at any event. With these, you can own a timeless piece of jewellery you can wear anytime and anywhere.

At Jewels of the Kimberley we have a gallery of beautiful pearl necklaces, earrings and engagement rings. Browse through our online collection or come in store today to choose the right one for you.

Jewellery Myths Busted: The Truth Behind Gold, Pearls And Other Gemstones

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Just like white diamonds or the pink diamond produced by Argyle jewellers, gold, pearls and gemstones are muddled with myths. If it doesn’t involve their value, it involves their authenticity.

Because of this, you need to know the truth behind these myths and equip yourself with facts. This will help you avoid making a reckless purchase, and ensure the investment you make is a good one you can enjoy for years to come.

Here are the common myths of these precious gems straightened out.

Argyle-Pink Continue reading “Jewellery Myths Busted: The Truth Behind Gold, Pearls And Other Gemstones”

Our Top Tips For Choosing The Perfect Diamond

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A diamond can stay with you forever, but not all diamonds are worth keeping. When selecting diamonds for engagement rings, earrings, necklaces or other jewellery, you need to choose one that meets a certain criteria and really gives you the best value for your money.

Buying the perfect diamond takes more than just going into a store, picking the one you like and paying for it. Although you can do this and you may choose well, to have the perfect diamond this simply won’t work. Further scrutiny of the stones in a jewellery store is extremely necessary. The same thing goes for gold and south sea pearls in Australia. To really get your money’s worth, you must be willing to invest time and effort to make sure you buy one that’s of the highest calibre you can afford.

Jewels of the Kimberley Perfect Diamond Continue reading “Our Top Tips For Choosing The Perfect Diamond”