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Young Australian Apprentice Reaching New Heights

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As featured in Jewellery World Magazine, October 2016


Aspiring, prodigious jewellery apprentice Hannah Alexander is making her mark in the jewellery world at a young age, chosen to represent Western Australia in the National Worldskills Competition in October 2016.

The 19 year old won the honour of a Worldskills national selection off the back of an impressive performance in the state/ regional competition and she will represent Worldskills WA in the national competition alongside one other young WA jeweller, competing for gold and the chance for an invitation to the international Worldskills in Abu Dhabi in October 2017. (more…)

What Our Jewellers Association of Australia Accreditation Means for You

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We’re delighted to announce that Jewels of the Kimberley has recently achieved accreditation with the Jewellers Association of Australia. This national body covers every facet of the jewellery industry, including manufacturing, wholesaling, distribution and retail, and acknowledges the top jewellers and retailers in the country through a strict accreditation process. (more…)

Magazine Feature – Jewellery World

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Soaring to New Heights

Director and Master Jeweller Jodi Penfold takes off to Europe as one of only three Australians to be invited to study at a world renowned diamond setting school

(As featured in Jewellery World Magazine)


Fact: Diamonds are rare, precious and coveted the world over. Here’s another, lesser-known fact: the skill of diamond setting, specifically pave and micro pave settings is so rare that only two Australian women have ever been accepted into the prestigious Alexandre school for optical diamond setting – a school that is not only a world-leader for teaching these very specific techniques but requires prospective students to complete a one week audition and exam to be accepted.

Only ten percent of students who apply are accepted into the course. Jodi Penfold is one of the chosen ones: a jeweller, an Aussie and a woman who is now amongst the exclusive few to hold the certification as rare as the diamonds themselves. (more…)

5 Tips for Buying Vintage inspired Engagement Rings

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vintage engagement ring

Today, antique and vintage engagement rings are becoming more common as women differentiate from the norm. But you may face some difficulties when purchasing an engagement ring from a different era. Here are five tips to focus on when buying vintage engagement rings to help you find the perfect fit for you. (more…)

Top Proposal Ideas From Around The World

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The sight of a man (or woman) bent on one knee with a tiny box in hand has become an overwhelmingly tangible symbol of the marriage proposal, especially in Western countries.

But in the age of social media and celebrity proposals, the art of presenting an engagement ring is becoming increasingly unique, bubbly and even at times outrageous, with people employing all kinds of tactics to show the ultimate commitment to their sweetheart.

From flash mobs to holidays to proposals while sky-diving, getting engaged has never been so involved. If you’re looking for a unique or quirky way to propose, check out some of these top proposal ideas from around the world. (more…)

Knowing Your Birthstones

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Knowing More About Your Precious Birthstone

Using your very own precious birthstone in your jewellery is a lovely idea, and adds an extra layer of symbolism to sentimental pieces. Throughout history, birthstones have been surrounded by myths and legends about the special powers they have, from protection to therapeutic benefits.

Each birthstone has a specific meaning. Read on to find out what yours is, and choose to enhance your next ring, necklace, pendant or pair of earrings with a stone of significance. (more…)

A Practical Guide To Buying The Perfect Engagement Ring

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A marriage proposal is a big moment for any couple, with a sparkling engagement ring as the focus of the special event. A ring is a symbol of your love and everlasting commitment to each other and should be as unique as the two of you.

Finding an exquisite piece to signify the promise you are about to make certainly sounds romantic, but it can be a real challenge, especially if you are unsure where to start. Whether you decide to pick out a ring or design a custom piece, Jewels of the Kimberley offer a modern and fresh approach to creating unique, timeless jewellery.

Here’s our practical guide to buying the right diamond engagement ring. (more…)

The Most Famous Diamonds in The World

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A beautiful sparkling diamond on a light reflective surface. 3d image. Isolated white background.

Diamonds and pearls truly are nature’s gifts, and whether you love pearl engagement rings or ones featuring the world-renowned Argyle pink diamonds best, it’s safe to say they’re both spectacular and worthy of their reputations. But there is something particularly special about diamonds.

Here’s a look at some of the most famous diamonds in the world. (more…)

5 Times You Should Take Your Engagement Ring Off

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A diamond engagement ring should always be worn with pride as it’s a beautiful symbol of a couple’s love for each other.

This doesn’t mean though that you should never take it off.

There are times when it would be best not to wear your engagement ring and instead keep it in a safe place away not only from prying eyes, but also from chemicals or outside elements that may only cause damage to it.

Happy Woman Showing Engagement Ring After Proposal (more…)

Jewellery And Dermatitis: Knowing The Real Reason Behind The Connection

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Self-expression, fashion, marking a special occasion, or commemorating an event – these are only some of the reasons why people wear jewellery like necklaces made of Broome pearls, diamond encrusted gold and silver bracelets, or pearl engagement rings.


There are many people who enjoy wearing jewellery every day for these various reasons. However there are some who don’t wear them as often as they would like because of the fear of getting jewellery allergy or dermatitis. (more…)