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NEW – Australiana Collection

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Immerse yourself in Australia’s most mysterious and alluring gem, the Opal

Our Australiana Collection is inspired by the Australian way of life. As many Australians gravitate towards the sea, with the majority residing around the border of our continent, it is no secret that we love the deep blue and what it has to offer.

Capturing aerial photography scenes from around our country, of deep oceans to shallow coral reefs is what won Jodi’s attention and vision to create this unique collection.

“The depth and mystery of these gems pulls you in, that something so thin can look so deep is a phenomenon to behold. Enjoy viewing the collection.” – Jodi Penfold, Creative Director




Opal is one of only few types of precious gemstones found in Australia, sharing prestigious company with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and pearls.

With still only little knowledge on how they are formed and over 95% of the world’s opal coming from Australia, it shows their unique rarity and desire to be admired.

Jodi has designed unique pieces using boulder opal sourced only from central Queensland and paired with Broome’s beautiful South Sea pearls to create the “Australiana Collection”

Each unique design has been inspired by Australia’s famous coastlines including Coral Bay, Fraser Island, Ningaloo Reef and the majestic Whitsundays. Each and every opal is so unique; no two pieces are the same.