Meet The Team - Ty Portbury | Jewels of the Kimberley



Jeweller, Designer, Master Craftsman


“The best thing about being a jeweller is being creative; every pearl and diamond is different, so I work with something rare each time.”

Born in Ararat, Victoria, Ty had early aspirations to be a watchmaker but quiet encouragement to become a jeweller saw him pursue a career as creative as it was technical. In 1998, after two years shadowing a jeweller, Ty embarked on an apprenticeship in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, learning all aspects of jewellery creation including working with gold nuggets. Ty worked and trained alongside award winning master jewellers and excelled in Work Skills as an apprentice on two occasions.

Trading gold for diamonds and pearls, Ty relocated to Broome in 2007 and is now a valued member of the team at Jewels of the Kimberley, specialising in unique, hand crafted designs. Ty’s ability to combine all the elements of a design into one is revered the world over, seeing many pieces find new homes in Europe, the US and right across Australia.

A love for diamonds combined with years of excelling in his field has seen Ty work his magic across a range of pieces for both men and women including pendants, rings and bracelets.

“I would describe our work as pretty left-of-field. We are contemporary with design; often choosing linear shapes against organic, which sets us apart.”

Ty has formed a valuable alliance with Jodi, helping to develop Jewels of the Kimberley into what it is today. Their ability to combine their skills is one thing, but their difference of perspective and delicate eye for detail sees Jodi and Ty teaming up to bring our clients the best ideas and skills the jewellery industry has to offer.

With most Australian retailers opting for affordable overseas labour, Ty finds himself in a rare position of having a holistic skillset, giving him the ability to create and complete every aspect of jewellery manufacturing from forging, carving, casting, to setting and engraving; a rare skillset only mastered by a select few in their lifetime.

If you’re looking to remodel your existing pieces, or ready for something new and truly unique, chat with Ty today and be confident your creation will be exactly how you imagined; unique, exceptional and exquisite.