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Head designer, Jeweller, Gemmologist, Creative Director

“Inspiration for a piece can come from anything; it can be as simple as seeing a shape in nature and transforming it into a unique design, or as difficult as waking in the middle of the night and attempting to draw images from a dream before they vanish.”

8693366370B2DD6C616CC11A531CD423 Upon graduating from Year 12 on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Jodi knew she wanted to learn to become a manufacturing jeweller. She completed her apprenticeship along with a string of accolades and awards recognising her distinctive talents and perspective; in fact, she was recognised as the third highest gemmologist in Australia.

Armed with her talent and desire to create stunningly unique jewellery, Jodi Penfold followed her dreams and moved fromCA82795B2ABB98F9EBFB866A7C991BFB her home state of Queensland to Broome, Western Australia in 2002 and fell in love with the region.

Successful exhibitions, professional recognition and accolades then motivated Jodi to open her own studio, Jewels of the Kimberley, in 2005, to showcase her award-winning designs.

To be able to work with a pearl from the day of seeding, to harvesting, through the grading process, then to create a unique piece of jewellery, heightens my appreciation and gives me a real sense of satisfaction at having created a piece from start to finish.”

With her many years of industry experience and working almost exclusively with Australia’s own resources of precious stones and metals, Jodi creates contemporary designs combining and contrasting the purity of the pearl with the vibrant spectral colours of nature’s minerals, such as diamonds, sapphires, opals and other precious stones. With a keen eye for perfection, Jodi specialises in hand crafted unique designs, individually tailored for each client’s desires.

“Sometimes a pearl defines its own setting because it is so distinctive that the design has to complement its rare shape.  It is important that all the different elements come together whilst retaining their individuality and complementing each other.”

Jodi has accumulated an impressive list of accolades and awards across the country throughout her career, including:

  • A scholarship awarded from the Jewellers Association of Australia and the Gemmology Association of Australia to complete their two-year Gemmology course
  • Invitational participation in the Queensland Work Skills Competition
  • Receiving the John Andrews Prize
  • Receiving the Queensland State Award for the highest overall marks in the state for both her first and second year.
  • Recognised as the third highest gemmologist in Australia.
  • Awarded honours for both entries into the Broome Arts & Music Foundation (BAMF) jewellery design competition in 2004 and 2005.

What clients are saying

  • I received my necklace, thank you so much I love it. See you next year on my Broome-time visit!Jodie – Dubbo
  • I opened the box and my reaction was ‘oh, it is just beautiful.’  Thankyou, thankyou. It is really special and I am wearing it today.  I am thrilledBev – Perth
  • Your customer service has been impeccable. Steve definitely chose the right jewellers. Thank you for all your help and communication.Brooke -Bulgarra


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