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5 Times You Should Take Your Engagement Ring Off

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A diamond engagement ring should always be worn with pride as it’s a beautiful symbol of a couple’s love for each other.

This doesn’t mean though that you should never take it off.

There are times when it would be best not to wear your engagement ring and instead keep it in a safe place away not only from prying eyes, but also from chemicals or outside elements that may only cause damage to it.

Happy Woman Showing Engagement Ring After Proposal

Whether you have a pearl and diamond ring or pink diamond jewellery, these are the five times you should take off the engagement ring.
1. Cleaning

You should always take off your engagement ring when cleaning. Cleaning involves the use of soaps, detergents, chlorine and other cleaning solutions and all of these can damage your jewellery. They can cause the inlay settings to weaken, discolour or darken them, and dull their shine. Residue can also be left on the ring and this can cause skin irritation.

2. Moisturising

Moisturisers have chemicals in them that can tarnish your jewellery. In fact, dimethicone is one chemical that is found in moisturiser and this can have an adverse effect in neoprene. It can cause neoprene to discolour, harden or swell. Moisturiser build up can also happen and this can cause the shine and radiance of your ring to become dull or flat over time.

3. Hair and makeup

When you have a special event to go to, make sure you fix your hair and apply makeup before wearing the engagement ring. Like moisturisers, these products can also build up over time and this will cause your ring to lose its sparkle. They also have chemicals in them that may cause the deterioration of your jewellery.

4. Swimming

Bleach can cause jewellery to stain, tarnish and get damaged. As pools are treated with a very potent bleach to prevent the growth of bacteria, you should take you ring off before you take a dip in a pool. When swimming at the beach, you should also do the same. Salt water can also cause damage to your precious ring and can cause neoprene to swell.

5. Working out

You sweat profusely when you work out. And sweat, just like water, can weaken the inlay of your ring. Wearing your engagement ring when you work out can also cause your ring to bend and change its shape, or it can cause the stone’s setting to bend and the stones to fall out. Furthermore, by wearing your ring while working out, there’s more opportunity to scratch the ring!

An engagement ring should be treasured just as much as you treasure your relationship with your fiancé or husband, as it is a symbol of this beautiful union. Take note of these five instances when you should not wear your ring. Make your ring last a lifetime by knowing to properly care for it.

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